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Keeping you appraised of an antiques and design show you just can’t miss!

April 18th, 2010 by

The countdown is on!

I can’t wait to see you at New England Antique Show‘s much anticipated Spring Fever Antiques and Design Show and Sale! This event – truly a breath of fresh air –  is April 24th from 10am to 5pm and April 25th from 11am to 4 pm.  It will be held at the historic Concord Amory, located at 91 Everett Street, Concord, Massachusetts. There is plenty of free parking.  And speaking of a good deal, click here for your two-for-one admission coupon, just for VIPs! (Val’s Important Pals!) Otherwise, a weekend pass is $7; Sunday only is $5. Children 16 and under are admitted free with the purchase of an adult ticket.
It goes without saying that this show is a “can’t miss” for anybody interested in antiques, collectibles, and decorative items for homes and gardens of any size. Over 40 dealers from 10 states will showcase outstanding items just in time for the spring wedding, graduation, and Mother’s Day season. Expect to find treasures including estate jewelry, fine art and pottery, toys and games, rare books and maps, tabletop settings, furniture, rugs, silver, china, glass, and crystal.  Here on the left you see a wonderful garden antiques display by Debra Queen of South Dartmouth,  MA, who will be bringing her delightful wares to Concord. Personally, I hope to find some Fenton glass for my Grandmother, Blue Willow china for my Mom, and mohair Teddies and animals for me at the show!
And what’s an event without a special guest? In addition to high quality, exceptional merchandise, the show also features a valuation clinic lead by industry veteran Linda Roberts, an accredited member of the International Society of Appraisers (ISA). Linda has vast experience identifying and valuing the full spectrum of vintage and antique collectibles.  Linda looks forward to speaking with you about your special treasures you bring from home.  Who knows…maybe that vintage vase you picked up at a tag sale for $0.50 a few years ago really is worth something?  It’s certainly worth finding out!  Each of Linda’s valuations is $5 with a show admission ticket, with a maximum of three items per person. All proceeds from the clinic will go to the Family Readiness Group of the 182nd Medical Company of the Concord Armory.
Val had the pleasure of speaking with Linda recently about her experience and the world of identifying and valuing antiques and vintage collectibles. Here’s some interesting highlights from the conversation…

Val: Linda, first of all, thank you so much for your time and participating in the upcoming Concord show.  Can you tell us what exactly is an “appraisal?”

Linda: Sure. An appraisal is a written, bound document with extensive research, photos and opinion of value usually done for a specific purpose such as estate taxes, insurance etc. A verbal approximation of value, which is what is given at events, fairs, shows, etc., is just that, a verbal approximation with very little or no research. Nothing is in writing.

Val: Can you tell us about the most unusual item brought to you at an event?

Linda: Let’s see.  I think the most unusual item was a dress worn by Judy Garland. The woman who brought it to me owned a costume store and would buy clothing from a dealer that purchased items from sales at movie studios.  This dress had a label stating that it was Judy Garland’s costume. It dated from around the 1940’s. It was very difficult to assign a final value to it without more research; for example, the movie in which it was worn would contribute to its value.  In a case like this, the owner was told to do some detective work and identify the movie in which the dress appeared. I suggested calling the archives at the studio or simply watching old movies! I eventually valued the dress in $1,800 to $2,300 range.
Val: Wow, that’s so cool!  Can you tell us about the highest valued item you have assessed?

Linda: Sure!  I was examining items in a home for an estate tax appraisal. I was crawling around a small storage area and found a few old paintings. One in particular was interesting to me because I recognized the artist immediately, even though it was in terrible condition.  I discussed the painting with my client and told him it was painted by one of the “Philadelphia Ten” by the name of Fern Coppedge.  Fern was an American artist who lived from 1883 through 1951. I was able to broker the painting and it sold for $250,000! The client was very happy and told me that if I were not there he would have sold the painting for $25 at a house sale!

Val: A quarter of a million dollar windfall… not bad!  Have you ever been stumped by something someone has brought to you?

Linda: Of course. No appraiser knows everything. It is important for the appraiser to know their limitations. It is not unusual for an appraiser to give a referral instead of a value especially at an appraisal fair. Sometimes the referral is to another expert or to do some detective work on their own. Part of our expertise is to have extensive contacts in all fields. A good appraiser will reveal their specialties.

Val: Speaking of specialties, are you a collector of anything?
Linda: Yes, I am a collector!  I love books with great illustrators such as those done by Margaret Tarrant. I love hand-painted porcelain as well as Lalique glass. My favorite is a rare large cockatoo that stands approx 12″ tall and has a 12″ wing span.  He was made by Rene Lalique in the early 20th century. To the left is a picture of my collectible cockatoo for your readers!
Val: Thanks for your insights and looking forward to meeting you – and all of our community site readers – soon in Concord!  And hopefully there is a Lalique treasure just waiting for you there!
The Spring Fever Antiques and Design Show and Sale is produced by Marvin Getman of New England Antique Shows. For more information please call (781) 862-4039 or visit NEAS’ website at