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Reyne Gauge: Boys & Their Toys! By Reyne Haines

May 18th, 2010 by

I’ve been a vintage and exotic car fan ever since I was a little girl. My parents had Corvettes and used to show and race them. I spent time around the track looking at polished beauties and I’ve been hooked ever since.

As I got older, I was asked to manage a few car collections. I’ve bought and sold privately for clients, a few of their cars ended up in my garage, and others sent to major auctions.

This morning a red beauty caught my attention and I had to blog about it.

RM Auctions was conducting a private treaty sale of a rare 1963 Ferrari 250 GTO. As you can see, these are beautiful cars.

The 250 GTO was made for racing. There were only 36 of this model made from 1962-1963.

It’s been dubbed “Greatest Ferrari of All Time” by Motor Trend Classic and was also ranked 8th on the list of Top Sports Cars by Sports Car International.

This past week, RM Auctions sold said car for $18 million USD. Yes, you heard right, 18 million.

They were mum about the buyer, however leave it to The Sun to report the buyer as British radio host, Chris Evans.

Since when did radio hosts make this kind of money? Outside of Howard Stern – I had no idea the gift of gab could command such a salary.

The Sun reported Evans had to sell three other Ferraris in his collection to acquire this one. I suppose at the end of the day, less is more!

REYNE GAUGE: The Urban Market

May 13th, 2010 by

One of the finest antique shows in Houston opens its doors to the buying public May 15th and 16th.

This is not just any antique show, but one filled with high profile antique dealers. Most are from Texas, but you will also find dealers from around the country. They are bringing some of their best inventory to Houston for one day, well…and one evening.

This year marks the first time this show has been open more than a day.  For a fee ($25), early buyers can bring their pocketbooks and shop for 2 hours from 4-6pm on May 15th. It gives shoppers an exclusive opportunity over the Sunday crowd.  Not only can you get in early, but they are also providing hors d’oeuvres and complimentary beverages for the early-bird shoppers.

The show is held outdoors, under tents, North of the Heights in the Knights of Columbus Field (see address below).

What can you expect to find at the show?  First of all, great deals!  These dealers have essentially one day to unload a ton of merchandise. That means lots of great things to acquire, and dealers should be willing to negotiate.

I spoke with the show promoter, Jackie Sharbrough and she told me “Many in this crowd are on a quest. They are regulars to the show and they know the deals you can find at this antique market.”

That’s great news for buyers in this topsy-turvy economy.  Everyone is looking for a bargain and apparently, this is the place to find it.

Second, a vast array of merchandise such as fine art, antiques and decorative objects, along with furniture, are a fit for most any style home.  Much of the merchandise brought to The Urban Market is fresh from Europe.  Several dealers travel abroad a few times a year to hand pick furniture, sculpture, porcelains and fabrics to bring back to the states to sell.

Another thing to consider if contemplating buying antiques for your home is they’re environmentally friendly.  Antiques are one of the oldest forms of “Green.”  Beyond being “recycled products” they also represent a piece of history.  There is a story behind each and every piece!  Be it the history behind the artist that created it or the family that owned it before you.

Finally, unlike a new piece of furniture or porcelain, when you acquire antiques you know that they retain their value as you drive away from the show.  And three months from now, chances are they will still have the same value.  Three years from now not only should they still be worth what you paid, but most often they have appreciated in value as well.

The Urban Market – 607 E. Whitney  – Houston Texas 77022

For directions, or a list of dealers, please visit their website at:

Show Hours: May 15th 4pm – 6pm

May 16th – 9am – 4pm

Rain or shine!

Sunday admission $5 – Children are Free!

Reyne Gauge: Think You Know Shoes? By Reyne Haines

May 3rd, 2010 by

Imelda Marcos showed women around the world what it meant to have a shoe fetish.  At one point, Marcos had acquired 3,000 pair of shoes.   Some of her impressive collection is now housed in a museum in the Phillippines.   The collection included shoes from luxury houses such as Charles Jourdan, Gucci and Ferragamo.

I remember parading around the house in my mother’s high heel shoes as a little girl, dreaming of the day they would be mine.   I wasn’t allowed to wear heels until high school, but as soon as that day came, I was hooked.

The other day I received a copy of the new book:  “Shoes”.  My friend and colleague, Caroline Ashleigh penned the book, and I had been counting down the days until my copy would arrive.  She was cruel, err I mean kind enough to show me the cover of the book early on.   Those boots screamed “Take Me Home” as I love boots and I had a small collection of checkered “Vans” when I was in high school.   If the cover was any indication of what eye candy would be inside, I was in trouble…BIG trouble.

Sure enough, the book arrived and I’ve been drooling ever since.  Who needs words when you have great photos? I’m sure there is great information touted in the book, but I won’t lie like a man reading a Playboy and claim “I get it for the articles”.  I’m here for the shoe party!

This book has 512 pages filled with full color images of some of the finest shoes known to women.  Men, hide your wallets.  If your significant other gets a copy of this book – you are doomed. You will not only need a second, but a third job just to afford her.

Apparently, I’m not the only girl who has a thing or two to say about her love of shoes.  This book is filled with quotes by celebrities, personalities, and shoe designers such as Jessica Simpson,  Nina Van Horn, Manolo Blahnik, Giuseppe Zanotti, Rachel Zoe… I could go on.  Had she asked for a quote from me, I could sum things up in one word “YUM”.

Whether you love shoes made yesterday, 25 years ago or 100 years ago, you’ll love this book!

Reyne Gauge – Bankable Antiques – by: Reyne Haines

April 16th, 2010 by

As children, we rarely gave thought to caring for our toys. They were made purely for our entertainment, and not to be dusted and kept on the shelf.

I had my share of Barbie’s who’s hair was cut, colored with a magic marker, and occassionally chewed on by the dog.

My brother could tell you all about flipping baseball cards, creating racetracks for his Matchbox cars and the autographs he collected over the years being a serious sports fan.

Sometimes, when I see a toy I played with as a kid in an antique shop it makes me pause. I wonder, had I taken care of those Barbie’s – what would they be worth today? How many rookie cards did my brother bend, tear and flip that would add up to some serious coin now?

Gone are the days for the $6.00 Barbie. Now, they are designer inspired and can cost a few hundred dollars right off the shelf. How can you justify spending that price when you know they are going to take them out of the box, lose those “designer” shoes within the first week, and potentially get a fresh look by your daughter and a pair of scissors?

Will these toys increase in value over time if you buy them, and place them on the shelf only to be admired from afar?

I don’t have a magic 8 ball to answer that question, but recently I read a press release about a few toys that have increased, just a little, since originally sold.

If you are interested in recreating your youth (or perhaps the youth of your grandparents!) take a look at the upcoming toy auction at RSL Auctions on May 22nd:

The sale consists of 360 lots, which translates to, something for everyone.

A portion of the collection up for sale came from Richard Stevens, an avid mechanical bank collector. Stevens was known for buying only the best. The best meaning the rarest, and those in the best condition.

A few of the best items in the sale are:

J&E Stevens “Calamity” cast iron mechanical bank. This bank comes from the ex-Stephen Steckbeck collection. It still has it’s original box! Estimate: $60-90,000

A very rare circa 1930 Kilgore cast-iron Turtle bank. Formerly in the collections of Stan Sax and Gertrude Hegarty. Estimate: $50-70,000

Circa 1886 – J&E Stevens “Breadwinners” cast-iron mechanical bank in near mint condition. Estimate: $90-120,000

I would have to imagine when these were first produced, the cost was a few dollars (if that).

80-100 years later, their value has increased exponentially!

I find it a bit ironic. A toy created to help children save their money becomes more valuable than the coins placed in it.

Happy Hunting!


REYNE GAUGE: My Favorite Things: Vintage

April 8th, 2010 by

In the words of Julie Andrews…”These are a few of my favorite things…”

I’m always looking at the latest and greatest. What new gadget is there to replace the one I bought 3 months ago; what colors and styles are in this season, what the hottest new accessories are on the market, etc. My eyes are often bigger than my pocketbook, so while I see plenty of things to fall in love with, my budget only allows me to acquire them one thing at a time (instead of everything at once!)

Not everyone can afford (or justify) a new $2500 purse each season, or a colorful Picasso for the new home. Does that mean we shouldn’t have said items?

Of course not!

In my search for the next best thing, each week I’ll talk about what all the fashion and style magazines are reporting as “must haves” and show YOU how to find something similar, for less.

This weeks “Favorite Things” finds…


Oversize bags are still in. What girl can travel without one?

Hilary Duff was seen carrying her Hermes Birkin Bag recently:

If you don’t have multiple thousands to shell out, have you considered buying a pre-owned Birkin?

There are numerous legitimate dealers of vintage and gentle used accessories that can have you hooked up and looking like a celeb overnight.

Visit our friends at “Strictly Pursonal” to see their great selection of pre-owned AUTHENTIC designer bags:


A common question asked on the red carpet is not only who are you wearing, but what jewelry designer are you wearing as well. Many names come to mind such as Yurman, Van Cleefs, Tiffany, Cartier, etc.

Have you considered rockin some vintage Chanel to make a bold, yet affordable statement?

Try visiting Very Vintage: for an assortment of yummy things.

Finally, I’ve seen numerous fashion magazines lately with photos and advertisements of necklaces sporting vintage looking key’s hanging from them like the one seen on the neck of Kate Moss here:

Naomi Watts was seen wearing one in 18kt gold valued at $800 in the latest issue of InStyle.

Certainly you can hit your local antique shop and find numerous authentic Victorian keys for a few dollars and hit your local jewelry store for a great necklace to hang it on. If that’s too much trouble, why not visit – they offer numerous artists selling them for under $100.

I’d love to hear how you take the “old” and make it new again. Write me here!

Happy Hunting!


“Reyne Gauge” is a monthly syndicated column written by Reyne Haines.  Purchase Reyne’s new book “Vintage Watches” by clicking Here