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Swann Galleries – African-American Fine Art

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Auction: Oct 7th 2010  2:30 pm

Elder’s Fine Art & Antiques Auction

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Auction: Oct 5th – 19th 2010

Live Exhibitions: Oct 18th 2010  Noon – 7:30 pm

Bertoia Auctions

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Bertoia’s brings together city and country collections for its Nov. 12-14 Toys for the Mantel auction.

VINELAND, N.J. – From the Fort Knox-style basement of a New York townhouse to the gleaming showcase shelves of a fine country home, a diverse parade of toys has come to Bertoia’s gallery for a Nov. 12-14 auction titled “Toys for the Mantel.”

“There’s an abundance of quality, and the mix is just fantastic,” said Bertoia Auctions associate Rich Bertoia. “Every residence and every collection we visited in picking up consignments for this sale was different in a very exciting way.”

An eye-opening, hand-painted 17-inch-long Noah’s ark in Erzgebirge style, similar to examples in Gamage’s catalogs, is accompanied by more than 220 animal passengers. Estimate $20,000-$25,000. Bertoia Auctions image.

The categories represented in the sale’s inventory of 2,000+ toys are: cast-iron, American and European tin, including a selection of Lehmann wind-ups; comic character, European autos and boats, Japanese tin cars, banks, doorstops, pressed steel and battery ops. More than 500 top-quality Christmas, Halloween and other holiday antiques will take the spotlight in the Sunday, Nov. 14 session.

Friday’s lineup includes a host of banks, with cast-iron “still” models headed by an Eiffel Tower, Two-Faced Devil, Town Hall, Hen on Nest and a hard-to-find Sundial. Among the still banks is a private collection examples replicating safes. “Many of these safe banks are very rare and will be the first of their type to see the auction market,” Rich said.

Antique cast-iron mechanical banks came from several excellent collections. Among them are two Jonah & the Whale banks, a couple of Chief Big Moon banks, plus a Darktown Battery, Professor Pug Frog, Stump Speaker and many others.

A well-rounded caravan of European automotive toys includes touring cars, a few luxury limos and an imposing array of fire toys. A star lot is a blue Bing steam-driven Spyder described by Rich as “fabulous – the best of its type I’ve ever seen.”

Another prize from the Continent is Gunthermann’s 12-inch Gordon Bennet (also spelled Bennett) racer. “Very few examples of this large size racer have survived,” said Rich. “It’s a terrific toy.”

Leading the fleet of more than 20 antique boats from premier German manufacturers is an exquisite circa-1909 hand-painted Marklin “Priscilla” steamboat, 19 inches long, with provenance from the collection of the late Bill Bertoia. Estimate $35,000-$45,000. Bertoia Auctions image.

One of the most varied selections of Marklin toys to be auctioned in recent years includes a fire pumper, a hose-reel fire vehicle, a horse-drawn vegetable wagon with a few of its original produce crates, and the category’s star attractions: two fabulous, all-original Marklin boats with provenance from the collection of Bertoia Auctions co-founder the late Bill Bertoia. One of the rare and coveted boats is the 20-inch Priscilla; the other is a 30-inch ocean liner. “Those boats were in Bill’s collection for many years,” Rich noted. Among the other European nautical toys in the auction are approximately 20 boats from manufacturers such as Bing, Fleischmann and Carette.

The Marklin procession continues with a number of premier train lots. A 5-car brewery set includes among its decorative accents a Rochester Brewing Co. logo on one of the cars, while two very rare summer coaches replicating summer trolley coaches on tracks feature die-cut opened “curtains.”

The auction includes a bumper crop of Marklin toys, trains, stations and accessories, including this gauge 1 clockwork train set, 11 inches long, with 4-4-0 hand-painted tin, steam-outline engine with tender, two passenger cars and caboose. Estimate $5,000-$7,000. Bertoia Auctions image.

Another unusual Marklin train has a peripheral military connection and consists of a wind-cutter locomotive and five flatcars that haul airplanes with fold-down wings. Other Marklin train lots include wonderfully detailed train sets, a fruit boxcar, and two screen-design glass-canopy train stations.

Over 100 pieces of cast-iron automotive will be offered, with most of the toys coming from a single collection. A special highlight is the ritzy Packard Straight 8, one of a number of toys to be offered from the collection of the late Bob Turnquist.

Made around 1870 this 11-inch Secor Banjo Player is constructed of cast iron and lead, and retains its original blond hair and fabric clothing. Estimate $22,500-$27,500. Bertoia Auctions image.

American toys will be in abundance, with one of the headliners being a very rare Secor Banjo Player with unusual, original blond hair. A colorful array of Schoenhuts will cross the auction block, including Humpty Dumpty circus figures and a rare 8-figure band of musicians with instruments. The set was created to accompany Schoenhut’s extremely rare and expensive bandwagon.

The comic character section includes a number of Disney and other character toys, including a Distler Mickey and Minnie Hurdy Gurdy, Mickey Mouse “waddler” and Mickey on Rocking Horse; and a Donald Duck on Rocking Horse.

A very scarce 1920s Dollyville set – a small village of paper litho on cardboard buildings – was formerly in the collection of the Washington Doll’s House & Toy Museum. The set forms a compatible neighborhood with the sale’s paper-on-wood Bliss homes and a small flotilla of Bliss and Reed ships. Joining them is an exceptional paper litho on wood version of The Monitor and an 1890s paper litho on wood Brooklyn Bridge (possibly by Reed), complete with a powerhouse.

Buddy ‘L’ entries include an outdoor railroad set, trucks, and an inscribed saw that was presented to Buddy ‘L’ founder Buddy Lundahl. Other pressed steel lots include vehicles, all-original pedal cars and a professionally restored two-seater carousel motorcycle.

The session also includes three gas-powered cars, a selection of very rare Japanese toy motorcycles, and a colorful array of cast-iron doorstops.

From a selection of more than 500 holiday antiques in the Sunday session, a rare chalkware Father Christmas figure, 26 inches tall (store display size), exhibits exceptional detailing to its face. Estimate $6,000-$7,500. Bertoia Auctions image.

More than 500 holiday lots will be auctioned on day three. Highlights include two Santa trade stimulators – one of them 45 inches tall; the other, 41 inches tall – and an exquisite 34-inch-tall chalk figure. Another showstopper is the 40-inch display that depicts Santa emerging from a chimney. The Christmas treasure chest also includes more than 75 glass ornaments and 50+ Dresden ornaments.

Halloween antiques from the renowned Claire Lavin collection will add to the session’s festive atmosphere, with glass candle lanterns, jack-o-lanterns, advertising pieces and other novelties on the auction agenda. The day will conclude with uncataloged holiday box lots available only to those who attend the sale in person.

Jeanne Bertoia, owner of Bertoia Auctions, said she is very pleased that the November sale has already generated so much interest. “Buyers are feeling more confident, and collectors who’ve taken a cautious approach to consigning their own collections now realize that the antique toy market is not the part of the economy that needs a stimulus package to help it along. Toy collectors are a very intelligent group of people. They recognize how rare and beautiful these toys are, and when the opportunity arises to buy, they don’t hesitate.”

All forms of bidding will be available for Bertoia’s Nov. 12-14 auction, including live via the Internet through For additional information call Bertoia’s at 1-856-692-1881 or e-mail Visit Bertoia’s online at

Fellows Recent Auction Highlights

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Fellows Auction Highlights include Antique & Modern jewelery as well as Costume & Silver jewelery & novelties.

Fellows – Wrist & Pocket Watches Auction

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Auction: Oct 18th 2010  10:00 am

The Fellows Wrist & Pocket Watches Auction will include pieces from the prestigious Patek Philippe and Rolex.

Fellows – Antique & Modern Jewellery

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Oct 14th, 2010  10:00 am

Catalogue Available Online

Cowan’s Auctioneers & Appraisers

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Sale on Oct 27th – 28th 2010  10:00 am

Cowan’s Historic Firearms and Early Militaria sale will feature over 1,700 lots from the 16th century through the 21st century, including:

– One of the best first model, unembellished Henry Rifles ever offered for sale

– A 26 in. barrel single-trigger Parker DHE grade shotgun

– Two premier grade rifles built for Remington Arms for exhibition

– A Springfield Model 1903 Rod Bayonet Rifle presented to the Governor of NJ

– Imperial Russian Militaria

– Several fine examples of engraved powder horns

– Arms and Armor


Jack Lewis   513.871.1670 ext. 27

Transporting Your Antiques & Valuables

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When it comes to moving your irreplaceable antiques and valuables, you should be very careful in choosing a company to transport the items for you.  Careful consideration and a little investigation before making your decision will save you the emotional trauma of seeing your formerly pristine antiques arrive damaged, not to mention the grave financial loss you will inevitably suffer as a result of the moving company’s poor handling of your precious items.

To begin, search only for companies that specialize in the shipping of antiques and fine art.  These companies train their employees in the proper handling, crating and transport of priceless pieces.  Furthermore, many of these companies provide temperature controlled shipping facilities as well as temperature controlled storage units if necessary.  For added piece of mind, many offer tracking services for your shipment.

A great way to find a local moving company that fits your needs is to contact museums or historical preservation societies to see which companies they use to move their collections.  You can also find a listing for several such companies right here on; just look under Services – Shipping and Storage.  Once you’ve come up with a few alternatives, you should verify their reputations by contacting the Better Business Bureau to see if any of the companies you’re considering have had customer complaints.  Those that have should be taken out of consideration.

Another way to verify a moving company’s reputation is by asking for references.  You can generally see client testimonials on a moving company’s website, and although reading these is comforting, it is best to speak with auction houses, vendors or other businesses that have used the mover’s services.  By speaking with professionals in the antiques and valuables industry and getting their feedback on a prospective moving company, you can be assured your priceless pieces will arrive safely.

One last, but very important, thing to check is the insurance coverage the company provides.  It is imperative that you carefully examine their policy.  Pay special attention to the section that discusses the coverage for any damage that diminishes the value of the antique or valuable.  It is important to note that homeowner’s insurance coverage may include moving insurance or additional insurance coverage.

Once you’ve chosen a moving company, prepare an inventory list that includes descriptions, photos, appraisal values and copies of receipts for each item you’re shipping.  When the movers arrive be sure to get a Bill of Lading that includes a complete inventory list (this should match your personal list exactly), as well as the mover’s name and address.  Carefully examine the Bill of Lading to be sure that each item has been accounted for.  Never sign a Bill of Lading that you believe to be incorrect.

Finally, after your precious cargo has arrived at its new location, be sure to have each item unpacked and reassembled.  It is at this time that you must inspect your valuables for any damage.  If you find damage has occurred during transport, note the damage on the Bill of Lading, point it out to the movers and take photos.  You should then contact the moving company to verify your claims have been reported.

If you take the time necessary to find an exceptional moving company, your irreplaceable antiques and valuables will arrive safely to their destination.  Save yourself the staggering financial loss and inevitable heartache of damaged goods by doing a little extra leg work up front.

-Michelle Grimmett

Gorringes – The Entertainment Sale

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Auction: Oct 19th 2010  6:00pm

On display will be a collection of Elton John memorabilia as well as other entertainment memorabilia.  Another highlight is the Archive of Kray Twins Letters, Ephemera and memorabilia.

Dallas Auction Gallery – Asian Antiques Auction

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Auction: Oct 6th 2010  5:00 pm

Preview: Oct 4th 2010  10:00 am – 5:00 pm

Complete Catalogue Available Online