Sotheby’s New York – These Days: A Selling Exhibition

October 27th, 2011 by

Prominent art-world figure Vito Schnabel transforms Sotheby’s new private sales gallery S|2 for the exclusive selling exhibition These Days. Works by The Bruce High Quality Foundation, Dan Colen, Terence Koh and David Benjamin Sherry will be on view in S|2 – a newly-constructed gallery space within Sotheby’s York Avenue headquarters dedicated to hosting private selling exhibitions. The gallery itself has been re-imagined and designed to recall Mr. Schnabel’s own bedroom, offering a truly unique visitor experience within Sotheby’s New York location during the height of the fall auction season.

From the introduction to the exhibition catalogue, Vito Schnabel writes, “These Days is an exhibition I have had in mind for some time now. As I think about the art and artists I choose to work with, the exhibition setting always becomes an immediate concern. Whether a cloistered garden in Venice, a cornfield on Long Island or an empty storefront on West Broadway, I’ve sought to find environments that ‘fit’ – that create an experience of art suited to the particular magic of the art itself. For These Days I’ve brought the location with me. Within Sotheby’s new second floor gallery, S|2, I’ve recreated the interior of my own home. I’ve installed works by young artists that many may find unfamiliar, an unusual experience at an uptown auction house. But, these paintings, sculptures and photographs do for me what I ask of art. They help me understand how I ‘fit’.”