Antiques in Frederick, MD

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The Emporium, which is home to 130 dealers offering antiques and vintage items from all over the world.

The city of Frederick lies 49 miles northeast of Washington DC and 48 miles west of Baltimore. Founded in 1745, Frederick is considered the heart of the American Revolution, for it was here that the first act of rebellion against English taxation occurred when, on November 23, 1765, the Twelve Immortal Justices issued their declaration against the Stamp Act. It is a city that boasts George Washington and Benjamin Franklin among its earliest visitors. Today, tourists to the historic district of this second largest city in Maryland find themselves in an antique collector’s paradise.

If you’re arriving via I-70, take the East Street/Market Street exit and begin your shopping at the Old Glory Antique Marketplace on Urbana Pike just outside town. Old Glory is one of those wonderful multi dealer malls where you can find just about anything – from vintage fishing lures to sterling flatware. If you’re looking for furniture, this is the place to shop as Old Glory boasts one of the largest selections in the area.

Head north and Urbana Pike becomes Market Street and will lead you to the center of Frederick. Once you’ve reached East South Street, turn right, then left on South Carroll Street and prepare yourself as you’ve entered the zone. There are literally hundreds of antique dealers in dozens of stores within an 8 block radius of where you stand.

Cannon Hill Place Antiques should be your first stop. This oldest antique mall in Frederick can be found in a beautiful stone building that was built in 1780 by Hessian troops. After the war (Revolutionary, that is), it was converted to a grain mill and has since been known as the Old Stone Granary on Cannon Hill. The two floors are filled with offerings from over 40 dealers who specialize in “Urban American Goods at Vintage Prices”

As you continue down South Carroll Street, you’ll come to Revival Consignment Exchange. While the term “consignment shop” might conjure images of baby clothes and toaster ovens, you won’t find any here. Revival Consignment features the finest estate arts and antiques. Items that have been there longer than 60 days are marked in red and discounted by 25% – but you won’t find many of those. The prices are so good that most items sell during the first week.

Revival Consignment Exchange is housed within the grandest of Frederick’s antique malls: The Emporium, which is home to 130 dealers offering antiques and vintage items from all over the world.

To truly appreciate the Emporium, you should enter through the front door on East Patrick Street (that means exiting Revival, walking to the corner and turning left). The Emporium occupies a 55,000 square foot warehouse that was built in 1912.  As you walk through the massive oak doors, the wood floors, transom windows and cavernous tin ceiling complete the feeling that you’ve stepped back in time. And you can literally lose track of time as you wander through the Emporium, which stretches behind other storefronts on Patrick and Carroll Streets.

When you do find your way back to the front desk, make sure to pick up some home made preserves along with your other treasures. The cherry butter should give you enough energy to visit the at least a few of the dozens of shops still to discover in Frederick.

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