The Art of Giving Works of Art or Antiques for Gifts

September 21st, 2012 by

Sooner than later, we will be preparing for the, “Holiday’s Shopping and Gift Giving Season.”  Perhaps now is the best time to make the ‘battle Plans’ for the upcoming events.

Forget waiting in line in the middle of the night for that “Door Buster, ” twelve hours to open and the madness when all shoppers will act like fools to buy that mass produced item, twenty colors and sizes to choose from and will be tossed aside and forgotten in a few months for a newer version a few months later OR regifted for another gift at a later date.

So often this is the case. Why not try something new quite time tested and proven?

Set your budget and think more about how each of your gifts should be tailored to the one receiving it. Give a gift of Fine Art, collectible or fine antique that says something special for that special one. Give a Gift of Fine Art or a Treasure Antique …  Many people do not realize this is possible even with the most modest budget.

Years ago Neman Marcus started this with the “Christmas Wish Book” and others followed …Why not do your own with special art for the REAL collectors without spending hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Take the time and think about the hobbies or interests of the ones you are giving a gift.  Over the years many collectors love antiques Cups & Saucers and many can be purchased at $75.00 or less from fine English Derby, Worcester Gregorian Periods , singular tea bowl /bowls are favorites along with a selection of fine Gourmet  tea’s makes a great gift. Many other fine porcelains dating from the Georgian Period to the Mid Century are priced from $25.00 and up depending on the work.

Perhaps for someone that loves jewelry would be interested in a hand crafted Necklace or a rare and vintage “John Lenon Designed Italian Scarf,” or a Rene Lalique Star of David Necklace that would be great as a wearable work of art. All under $ 250.00

The collector of fine literary works would love a Medieval Manuscript from the Nuremberg Chronicle or a Durer Wood Cut from “The Small passions,” first executed in 1511 at $125.00 and up. Often nice volumes of a limited edition of classic literature are illustrated with original etching, wood cuts or lithographs by Baskin, Austin or Brangwyn among others.

A great gift for the host or hostess can be a nice porcelain vase or decorative dish by Wedgwood, Waterford, Spode, Royal Doulton and others which then can be filled with favorite sweets and packed as a gift basket…. Many love Crystal Goblets (Waterford perhaps a pair with a nice bottle of wine never loses appeal.)  If a person loves silver, find a piece of the silver or china pattern they may not have and would love to add to their collection. Many company’s make great gift sets that are no longer made BUT can be found on the secondary market in antique and replacement shops.

For the Art Lover, a nice Limited Edition Print by James Whistler, Matisse, Manet, Renoir or other modern masters. For the true traditionalist collector with more in the budget try Rembrandt’s (etched by Durand or a student after the artist exactly line for line after Rembrandt) for $75.00 and up. If your budget allows, several etchings executed by Rembrandt and pulled from the artist copper plate at $ 2,000.00.

No matter what is the price range, when you take the care to know the person a little better a quality gift of good taste can be achieved. Good fine art and quality antiques can be obtained if you take the time to do so BEFORE the night you have to wrap a gift…

Giving a special gift will give the recipient a life time of precious enjoyment when you know what really matters.  It is the energy and effort you take to give a gift that makes a statement of yourself and the person you wish to please. It’s not the price, it is the planning and the knowing what is a special gift.

Candlewood Yankee Fine Art and Antiques Offers a wide selection of both Fine Art and Antiques priced from as little as $25.00 to several thousands of dollars. Something for every occasion and budget.

Please visit our site. Shop early for a better selection and save the drama of “Holiday Shopping,” for the theatrical crowd.

James Stow & Anthony Yau

Candlewood-Yankee Fine Arts