Dan Ripley’s Antique Helper – Fourth Tuesday Express Auction

March 21st, 2011 by

Prints and Paintings: Vintage Icart offset print, Mt. Ranier impressionistic oil on canvas, vintage portrait paintings, lawn bowling print, reproduction travel poster, yardlong Alaskan fort panorama Decorative Arts and Misc: folk art shore birds, German cuckoo clock, Merschaum pipe, crystal and short wave radios, radios and clocks, Weber vintage drafting set, Cannon, Polaroid, and Kodak cameras, lenses, and accessories, 8mm editor, Sundstrand antique store cash box, antique store counter-top display case, beer can collection, depression glass, Royal Copeland MCM boxes, Hall pottery pitcher, transferware, Precious Moments, art glass and other clowns, Lodge cast iron skillets, A/C Sterling candlestick Jewelry: vintage men’s watches, cufflinks Furniture: 50s projector screen, Alabaster lamp, marble pedestal side table, 1940s children’s furniture Toys: Structo, John Deere, Tonka trucks, Pick Up Sticks collection, vin. Matchbox cars, tin litho, Herald boxed toy soldiers, Benbros die cast motorcycles, Britains, friction motorcycle, 1940s dolls and accessories Ephemera: collection 200+ 1960s/70s Playboy magazines, Cunard and United States cruise lines memorabilia and trunks, several collections antique and misc. books incl. 1st edition and signed copies, bound National Geographics, comic books and postcards, Remington shotgun packaging Asian: black lacquer cabinet, soapstone and bone carvings, snuff bottles, wood stands, carved transom, porcelain, red amber. Tools/Sporting: antique wood plane, Luxor fishing reel, football and baseball jerseys, Colts playoff/Superbowl memorabilia Clothing/Textiles: 1950s Boy Scout uniform and accessories, vintage tie collection and 1940s ladies traveling outfits.