William H. Bunch Auctions – 2 Sesssion Multi-Estate Catalog Auction of Fine and Decorative Arts

September 20th, 2010 by

Auction Sept. 20th & 21st   9am

Artist List: Japanese woodblock prints, Kiyoshi Saito,Marc Chagall, Harry Dunn, George Cope, Seymour Zayon, Charles Jay, Marc Chagall, Philip Jamison, James Whistler, Paul Davis, Arthur Clifton Goodwin, Geoff H Flavelle, James Turner, Henry Harold Vickers, manner of Worthington Whittredge, Samuel Bouquet,Bernardus Petrus Viegers,  Paul Davis, war bond posters, Nino Giuffrida, Nazzarreno Cipriani,  Edmund Mahlknecht, R Fay, Arthur Flory, much more.