The Art of Picking – Episode 6 HD

September 13th, 2010 by

In this epidsode Reyne interviews reknown home organizer Janine Godwin of TLC’s “Hoarders: Buried Alive” who demonstrates several smart ways to store your valuable antiques and collectibles.

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  1. Cobayley Says:

    Loved it!!

    Reyne…plastic boxes in the fishing department at your local Walmart are wonderful storage boxes. And they are adjustable. I have my entire jewelry inventory for Ruby Lane and Ruby Plaza stored in 15 of these plastic tackle boxes. I’ve sorted them by what it is…earrings in one, pins in another, etc, etc. I can see through the boxes and it has made my life a whole lot simpler.

    Love the videos…this was a great post with lots of information. Thank you!!

  2. Linda Feuer Says:

    I loved the videos. Very practical and interesting information for dealers and collectors.
    Thanks for sending them.

  3. Reyne Haines Says:

    Carolyn – I never thought about the lure boxes. How smart!!
    I thought of it for jewelry, as I keep some of my beads and stuff in
    the plastic boxes.

    So many things these little boxes can keep safe!

    Linda – Thank you!

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