The Art of Picking – Vol 13 – By Reyne Haines

July 26th, 2010 by

How can a good yard sale item quickly diminish to bad? When you are Vaneisha Robinson of Ohio.

Robinson claims four years ago she bought a pendant at a yard sale for $5.  She thought it was neat, and wore it around her neck not realizing its value.

The pendant is a replica of LeBron James’ jersey for the Kings. It is enameled, and encrusted in diamonds.

Robinson claims only a few months ago did she notice the diamonds were set like authentic ones are, and decided it might have more value than the $5 she invested.  She took photos, and listed it on eBay.

Shortly thereafter, Robinson was contacted by someone from James’ camp claiming he wanted the item for himself and asked to meet her.

When she arrived at the meeting place, James was not there, however one of his associates was and “forced her to hand over the pendant.”

Police in Ohio have her listed as one of five people in connection with the theft of the pendant valued at over $10,000.  The case is currently still under investigation.