Shakespeare said … To be or not to be……antiques ??

June 11th, 2010 by

Submitted by Marko Karinen

1. Real antique Finnish renaissance chair, which is manufactured in the 1600s. It is made of wood nails.

2. Renaissance chair manufacturer’s signature (DS = Daniel Snikker )

3.Wood nails, we know that the chair is really old.

4.Brass screws will tell you that the Art Nouveau coat rack is old .

5.New and old screws and nails ( one drill pin)…..rusty screw is always better than a shiny screws, when we talk about antiquity.

4 Responses to “Shakespeare said … To be or not to be……antiques ??”

  1. Reyne Haines Says:

    Great tips Marko!
    Thanks so much for the visual. It greatly helps!


  2. Marko Says:


    I love this chair !! It is wonderfully “clumsy”, but think about this …..IT HAS OVER 400 YEARS OLD !!REALLY OVER 400 YEARS OLD !!

    I respect this chair. I often think what this chair is “seen” and what kind people have been sitting in it. Maybe it has sat a priest or even a prince….Who knows??, a chair does not know how to talk to me ….hmmm.Do not think that this man is crazy if he is talking about on the chair :-)

    Now I can ask, Could today’s IKEA product “live” 400 years??This is easily answered, NO,NO, NOOO!

    Today’s furniture is a disposable culture.I hate this culture!!
    So invest in antiques, it is the same as you putting your money in the bank.

    Hunter Haines would say at this point….Happy Hunting!

    but I say , stay tuned !


  3. Reyne Haines Says:

    I too have always said the same thing…what would this wine glass say if it could talk?
    How many Christmas dinners have been served on this platter, etc etc.

    IKEA I like, it is good for kids or people starting out on their own for the first time.
    Its stylist, Scandinavian design. But think about what I just said…Scandinavian design…
    their lines are inspired by some of the great mid century modern Scandinavian designs
    we all covet. So in a way, it helps people to become interested in collecting modern
    furniture, because its something they are used to seeing. It looks trendy!

    I like your “Stay Tuned”!

    Happy Hunting!


  4. Marko Says:


    You’re right, that IKEA products are stylish, but I could never buy these products.
    IKEA products are cold, they can not talk to me. I can not find the right language, how I can talking about these products :-)

    It is comforting to hear that you also speak to wine glasses :-)

    A human who thinks and “talking” like that, is a true friend of antiquity = sentimental human, which has a big heart.

    But Reyne…do not talk about the glass when you’re a restaurant ! It is abnormal :-)

    I like your ” Happy hunting” !

    Stay Tuned!


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