Picking with Reyne – Vol 7 – By Reyne Haines

June 11th, 2010 by

Collect AntiquesThere are antique markets, and then there are ANTIQUE MARKETS.

What sets them apart? A few things actually:

  • The number of dealers:  If you’ve seen everything in an hour, the show’s either new, or it’s a bust.  Size matters.
  • The type of merchandise: Shoppers need a lot of eye candy.  No one hitting an “antique market” wants to see a bunch of new merchandise they can get at TJ Maxx or Restoration Hardware.  If you have to have newer merchandise, separate the dealers. Put newer more “decorative” dealers in one area and the other area should be all antique/vintage dealers.  Shoppers never like to have to wade through the new to find the old.
  • The show promoter:  What does he/she have to do with anything other than to sell booth rent and tickets?  Plenty!  Their marketing efforts to get dealers to sell at their venue for one.  And those same marketing efforts to keep said dealers by bringing in tons of buyers.  Lots of buyers + lots of dealers = Lots of sales and return visitors.

I wanted to highlight a GREAT antique market for everyone out on the West coast (and those of you considering a trip).

Alameda Point Antiques & Collectibles Faire


This show is the best the bay area has to offer.  Located at the former Alameda Point Naval Station (the show is setup on the runway) with the best view of the bay!

The show happens once a month, and last weekend was tremendous!  They had 800 dealers setup, and 10,100 attendees and they were carrying lots of bags out the door. That tells me there were lots of great items to be had!

If you missed last weekend’s event, their next show is July 4th, and then August 1st, September 5th and October 3rd.

And if you do attend, I want to hear about it.  Tell them Picking with Reyne Haines sent ya!

Do you have a favorite antique market?  Tell me about it here!  I also love hearing about your flea market and antique market finds.

Happy Hunting!


6 Responses to “Picking with Reyne – Vol 7 – By Reyne Haines”

  1. Carolyn COBAYLEY Says:

    Confession time???? I live an hour and a half away and I’ve never been to Alameda….I know many dealers who sell there. I know many who have tried to sell there. I know many who sold there the first year and no longer return.

    I do not want to rain on any flea market’s parade, but I think that this is one flea market that is no longer a flea market. It is an Antique show.

    To me a flea market is everything. Old, new, and anything in between. Mom and Dad cleaning out the garage, Grandma and Grandpa selling the kids stuff. Boxes, bins, tables, tarps….all loaded with goodness knows what.

    Granted, if you are a high end buyer and want to buy and pay for antiques and collectibles in a controlled environment, then shows such as Alameda are a venue you cannot pass up. Dealers from all over the west coast and for that matter, the United States and I imagine, beyond, come to sell their wares. I understand the food venues are wonderful, the view is to die for and if the wind doesn’t come up, it makes for a great Sunday outing.

    This Sunday, I’m going to one of my very favorite flea markets. It is in Santa Rosa Ca. It is held once a month in the good weather at the Veterans Memorial Building. 100 plus dealers come from all over Northern CA to set up and sell. I have bought many a treasure at this small town flea market. Plus, it is put on for a good cause. The money raised by the vets go to the 40 and 8. They sponsor nursing scholarships in our area.

  2. Carolyn COBAYLEY Says:

    Granted, I have to say that you entitled this as an Antique Faire, not a flea. Sorry if I got long winded.

  3. Reyne Haines Says:


    Thanks for commenting. Yes, that is an antique market, and not a flea market.
    I must admit I like going to markets that don’t carry new.
    I’m still down with the flea markets but like the ones that separate
    the stuff.


  4. Marko Says:


    We are like moles…Digging and rooting boxes, if you find any treasure.

    Today I have on auction day. Possibly this is my treasure day…. I hope so !

    Reyne,Have you written to auctions?


  5. Reyne Haines Says:


    I hope you score something big at the sale!

    I actually have a secret that has not been announced yet (but will be in the
    coming weeks) – I am going to partner with an auction house to hold a
    20th Century Decorative Arts sale in November.

    Stay tuned for that tidbit!


  6. Marko Says:



    Tell me more when it is timely.



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