REYNE GAUGE: The Urban Market

May 13th, 2010 by

One of the finest antique shows in Houston opens its doors to the buying public May 15th and 16th.

This is not just any antique show, but one filled with high profile antique dealers. Most are from Texas, but you will also find dealers from around the country. They are bringing some of their best inventory to Houston for one day, well…and one evening.

This year marks the first time this show has been open more than a day.  For a fee ($25), early buyers can bring their pocketbooks and shop for 2 hours from 4-6pm on May 15th. It gives shoppers an exclusive opportunity over the Sunday crowd.  Not only can you get in early, but they are also providing hors d’oeuvres and complimentary beverages for the early-bird shoppers.

The show is held outdoors, under tents, North of the Heights in the Knights of Columbus Field (see address below).

What can you expect to find at the show?  First of all, great deals!  These dealers have essentially one day to unload a ton of merchandise. That means lots of great things to acquire, and dealers should be willing to negotiate.

I spoke with the show promoter, Jackie Sharbrough and she told me “Many in this crowd are on a quest. They are regulars to the show and they know the deals you can find at this antique market.”

That’s great news for buyers in this topsy-turvy economy.  Everyone is looking for a bargain and apparently, this is the place to find it.

Second, a vast array of merchandise such as fine art, antiques and decorative objects, along with furniture, are a fit for most any style home.  Much of the merchandise brought to The Urban Market is fresh from Europe.  Several dealers travel abroad a few times a year to hand pick furniture, sculpture, porcelains and fabrics to bring back to the states to sell.

Another thing to consider if contemplating buying antiques for your home is they’re environmentally friendly.  Antiques are one of the oldest forms of “Green.”  Beyond being “recycled products” they also represent a piece of history.  There is a story behind each and every piece!  Be it the history behind the artist that created it or the family that owned it before you.

Finally, unlike a new piece of furniture or porcelain, when you acquire antiques you know that they retain their value as you drive away from the show.  And three months from now, chances are they will still have the same value.  Three years from now not only should they still be worth what you paid, but most often they have appreciated in value as well.

The Urban Market – 607 E. Whitney  – Houston Texas 77022

For directions, or a list of dealers, please visit their website at:

Show Hours: May 15th 4pm – 6pm

May 16th – 9am – 4pm

Rain or shine!

Sunday admission $5 – Children are Free!