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May 11th, 2010 by

(Boston MA) Artfact Live! is pleased to announce the I.M. Chait Natural History Auction on May 16, 2010 is available for online bidding exclusively through Artfact Live! The auction offers over 350 lots including: gems, meteorite jewelry, zoology, fossils, natural gold nuggets, ancient Egyptian dynastic artifacts and more. If you can’t join the live auction action in Beverly Hills, CA, visit Artfact.com, or its sister site in the UK, Invaluable.com, to login or register free to bid live online at this exceptional auction. If you’re not ready to bid, simply watch the activity live from the auction floor using the Artfact Live! console. You can view the complete catalog on Artfact

Highlights of the sale include:
Lot 357 is the day’s spectacular top lot, a complete “duck-billed” Hadrosaurid dinosaur skeleton. This is one of the most complete specimens of the species Maiasaura peeblesorum ever to be offered to the public. The Maiasaur was one of the numerous “duck-billed” dinosaurs that roamed the plains of Asia, Europe and North America in massive herds during the Upper Cretaceous period 99-65 million years ago. The present example is a sub-adult, named “Cory,” and cuts a strikingly impressive figure, at over 15 feet long and with a superb woody patina to the bones. Mounted on a wheeled metal base in a highly life-like pose, this rare and unusually complete specimen has been prepared to the highest of standards. Bidding for this world-class specimen will begin at $250,000.

Lot 90 is a large gold nugget from Paraburdoo, north Western Australia. This gorgeous nugget has it all: huge size, bright color, lovely smooth burnished surfaces, deep depressions and caves, the protected areas display a delicate-looking brittle texture like crushed gold leaf. Of a fascinating folded, twisted form, it is attractive and evocative from any aspect, 4 5/8 x 3 1/4 x 2 inches, 5,965 Ct. (42.08oz). Bidding will open at $35,000.

Lot 356 is a large and rare partial pterodactyl skeleton. Pterodactyls, properly described as “pterosaurs”, flourished during the late Cretaceous Period of North America, and represent the first vertebrates to make the transformation to flight. With hollow bones and delicately lightweight construction, their preservation in the fossil record is scarce. This Pteranodon longiceps specimen was discovered in Custer Co., South Dakota. The skeleton comprises skull, rib and arm sections and three fingers with their distinctive curving claws. Lovely bone texture throughout is enhanced by a fine aged patina that stands out strongly from the dark gray matrix, presented on a pale gray plaster backing, approximately 96 x 64 inches. Minimum bid for this piece is set at $25,000.

Lot 343 is an exceptional gemstone ammonite. Gemstone ammolite is one of the rarest gemstones in the world, formed from the nacreous shell linings of Cretaceous ammonites in only one small area of North America. It is prized for its fantastic display of shimmering colors, created by impurities in the incredibly thin layers of aragonite. This specimen has a full covering of multi-colored iridescence on both sides, it also displays unusually large areas of the much rarer purple and electric blue colors. A superb specimen, it measures 20 1/4 inches wide. Bidding will begin at $20,000.

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