– CollectiblesCornertv – Episode #7 Phillip Weiss Auctions,, CDV, Broadsheets

December 17th, 2009 by

Tammy has two more terms to teach us, Broadsheet and Carte de Visite, get the low down on what they mean. Tammy also has news from Goebel (makers of Hummels) and a viewer question also pertaining to Hummels. In our Treasuer Hunters Tip segment Tammy talks about, one more way to find the precious treasures you’ve been digging for. Philip Weiss of Philip Weiss Auctions drops by for a chat. Philip has been in the auction biz for 22 years and you may have seen him on Antiques Roadshow. He has some great info on stamp collecting and other interesting tips about collecting. This guy really knows his stuff!

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